It may seem funny to be thinking of these things in the beginning of July, but the reality is that I’m hard underway with developing and readying new pieces for the coming fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Though some may not realize it, the ideas for new products and marketing for the season must generally be completed (at the absolute latest) by the end of August if it’s going to be used at the end of October and so on and so forth. 2 – 3 months of advance work is not unusual, and it can even stretch out to six months for a bigger holiday like Christmas. So, I’ve been humming Christmas songs all day. Of course, the irony is, by the time we actually get to Christmas my brain’s on Valentine’s day and Spring campaigns. (Christmas songs at Christmas?  Pfft!)

If you really want to be confused, just try working with a few clients in a different hemisphere than your own. The time zone might sometimes be the same, but their weather (and thus marketing) is the exact opposite of what is ‘normal’ for yourself. You know you’ve been working on articles about winter stuff for too many hours in the day when you ponder if you need a coat on one of the hottest days of summer in your own hemisphere.


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